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About Us

My name is Natalie, owner and founder of Mermaid & Pirate Aquarium Supply. Together with my sister Audrie and our mother Denette, we have joined forces to bring you Mermaid & Pirate Aquarium Supply.  We have a brand-new, patent-pending invention for the aquarium hobby!  Our product is the Save-A-Fishy, siphon safety cap.  It is an attachment for gravel vacs that make water changes safe for the fish and other inhabitants, like crabs, shrimp, etc.  It is available in 3 sizes, S, M, & L, and two colors, white or aqua.  It fits most siphon brands. Fishkeepers spend a lot of money on their pets and the last thing they want is their pet to be sucked into the vacuum and be killed or maimed.  We have been generating much excitement and positive feedback within the fish keeping / aquarium hobby community.  

Audrie and I have personally been in the aquarium hobby for 25 years and own several tanks in our homes.  We also have siphons for each tank.  I came up with the idea when I was doing a water change and I walked away for a moment and one of my goldfish swam up into the siphon tube and got sucked into the small opening and was killed.  This happened to me again with an African frog, but luckily, I came back in time and rescued him from the bulb of the siphon.   Many others have had similar experiences where their pet was killed or injured.

It’s our mission to keep your fish safe!  


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