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Video 1 of 3 from Julie M.

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 Video 3 of 3 from Julie M. 

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10/15/18 Bronson R.

I got my save a fishy today and it was a huge sense of relief doing a water change and not having to worry about my overly curious puffers getting sucked up.

Product does an excellent job of allow plant matter and waste thru it while keeping the fish out

10/07/18 Paul G.

I'd like to thank Natalie Senecal for inventing the Save-A-Fishy! I just got mine in the mail today and I'm very happy.  It fits my gravel vac perfectly and now I have some peace of mind while doing water changes! I don't have to worry about my smaller fish taking that unpleasant ride down the hose anymore, and not having to watch my gravel vac like a hawk makes it so much easier to do water changes! It's made out of quality materials and the shipping was crazy fast! Thanks again. 

10/06/18 Travis T.

Finally getting to try out my new save a fishy siphon cap from Mermaid & Pirate Aquarium Supply and this things great! Haven't tried it with the guppies yet, but I can already tell I won't have to worry about them swimming into the gravel vac anymore with this bad Larry. And you can even still vac your sand with it attached so that was a huge plus! Really awesome product thank you so much Natalie Senecal for such a cool attachment and fast shipping + a really awesome thank you card for ordering, my girlfriend found that to be really awesome! This is a super great product, and I'd definitely recommend buying one because this thing is absolutely awesome! 

10/06/18 Elaine S.

I just used mine yesterday to do water changes on 15 tanks with no issues! No more snails getting sucked up in the syphon!  

10/06/18 Shaunda J.

I am so impressed with your product and packaging and thank you letter. You are amazing! Super fast shipping! Thank you so much!!! 

10/06/18 Julie M.

Thanks so much! These will be great for my boys too. Easier than keeping the mesh on when it catches on a plant. 

10/06/18 Rodney R.

Amazing can’t wait to use it! 

07/31/18 Judy W.

I got my save a fishy and was able to clean the tank with out being worried about my little fish getting sucked up! Made cleaning a breeze. Thanks so much! 

07/23/18 Andrea V.

Awesome!!  Excellent customer service!!! They help us with our fish tank!!! 

07/23/18 Samantha A.

Awesome tool for your fish tank!  Must need!

07/23/18 Deanna H.

Omg amazing idea! Cant wait to get one myself for my little swimming buddies !! 

07/23/18 Sally D.

Amazing amazing amazing " Thank you guys " 


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